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Laguna Paintings Wood Staining offers conservation of natural foundation. This is also a good sealant for wood damage and durability is applicable. This projects an exterior backyard fence that protects and outlines the backyard. 

Independence Hall, covers both interior and exterior work. This project was completed in approximately one month. We transformed old construction to a fresh new look, while still keeping its historical and natural features.

Semi-Transparent - Exterior Wood Stains

Natural wood need protections. Watch this building transformer in minutes.

Commercial  - Canopy

Watch this Canopy to from bland to bold.


We accommodate every client.

Watch this building change styles.

Our mission is to provide you with the greatest painting experience, at the best price. At Laguna Painting we accomplish that by using only top-quality, products that will insurer and extend the life of your home or commercial building. With over 20 years of professional painting experience, we pride ourselves in being the greatest painting contractor you can depend on for every painting project. Whether you are adding some color to your home or painting an entire commercial building. We know and recognize that adding a new coat of paint to your home or business is not an ordinary occurrence. This is why we believe you deserve the finest service, at the best price. 

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